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Soft Yoga

Yoga is yoga, no matter what you name it!  Its purpose is to bring you back to a more balanced you – and that doesn’t always mean having to turn yourself into a pretzel to be successful (to get there).   

Soft Yoga is MY way of reconnecting with myself, and I’m excited to offer it to you!  

In this series of soft yoga classes, the asanas are practiced with an internal softness. You will focus on working in the poses using your breath, movement and internal strength.  Slowly release tension from your body and your mind. While many of the movements seem subtle, they are extremely effective. This class is perfect for all needs and body types - active students in need of deep stress relief, slower moving students, or those new to yoga. 

The yoga is based on uniting two of the largest nadis (energy channels) that sit along each side of the spine. These nadis represent our sun and moon energy, and are sometimes referred to as the male and female aspects of energy. The practice of proper breathing, proper exercise and proper relaxation will enable you to experience your inner truth and in doing so, create balance within yourself. 


  • Calming the nervous system,  (CALM YOUR NERVES!) 

  • balancing the brain and your hormones,  (GET THOSE HORMONES IN LINE!) 

  • lowering stress levels,   (DESTRESS YOUR MONKEY MIND) 

  • improving digestion,  (STOP UNCOMFORTABLE DIGESTION) 

  • relieving insomnia, depression and PMS  (GET BETTER SLEEP) 



You hold yourself “up” daily, and grip your muscles constantly, which creates an imbalance within your system.  I love  “bringing the (Mother) Earth closer to YOU”:  by using blocks, bolsters and blankets to buoy you up in poses, you are able to have a completely different experience – a SOFTER experience, not typically found in Yoga studios today. 

MY favorite part of teaching/offering this soft approach is the actual sensation of being held in a pose.  I believe it is all about the sensation of a pose - it how it feels…ahhhhhhh! – not what we look like in it. 

I encourage you to take Child’s Pose whenever you need to, during this class, or lie in Corpse Pose (Savasana) through the entire class.  This IS Yoga!  Listen to your body.  Honor its needs.  When was the last time you took time to listen and respond; to breathe and relax fully into the moment?  Give yourself permission to give it a try! 

We work so hard in life and continue to focus on bettering ourselves in every way possible. We often forget to sometimes simply let go and leave well enough alone. There is a time and place for effort, and there is a wonderful time and place for ease and surrender. After all, there is no such thing as an advanced yogi. We are always beginners, free of ego and free of getting anywhere. We are practicing being where we are; truly and fully present in the moment … this moment right now.  


$25.00 per person

Reiki Session

The certified Reiki practitioner gently stimulates pressure point on hands and feet to recharge the clients energy levels. Clients lie fully clothes on the treatment table calculating the half-life of stress as the practitioner's hands channels the bodies  chi.


Intuitive Angel Guidance

Intuitive angel guidance is a healing and nurturing way to receive compassionate advice and get back on track with your career, life purpose, finances, relationships or physical health.  The session will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and motivated. Intuitive angel guidance is a powerful way to invite the assistance of angels into your life. Because angels honor the law of free will, they will not intervene in your life unless you
ask them to.


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